How much is a “like” worth?

While it is not uncommon for a company to use Facebook as a part of their marketing campaign, it raises the question: just how helpful is it, really? Recently, 701 marketers were polled and 85% said that they use Facebook for marketing purposes. Fewer than 30% paid for sponsored stories. 15% were very satisfied with the results, 65% were somewhat satisfied, 15% were somewhat satisfied and 6% were very dissatisfied. I was on Facebook earlier today and noticed a type of advertisement that had never before caught my eye.  It was a poll asking whether I remembered seeing an ad for a beach getaway. The poll gave three options: yes, no, or “I don’t know” and claimed that your response would be anonymous. I didn’t feel particularly moved to respond so I left it blank.

I wonder how well marketing on Facebook actually does. My main reasons for going on Facebook are to catch up with friends and to keep up with news. I find myself annoyed at the advertisements on the side, but for what it’s worth, I do not really mind advertisements from pages that I “like” on Facebook. Occasionally, because I am a fan of “Cholula Hot Sauce” on Facebook, I’ll get a cleverly worded advertisement which reminds me of how good Cholula Hot Sauce really is. The power of Facebook lies in the sheer number of users and the ability for customers to pick and choose ads based on his or her preferences.

The sponsored posts, I’ve found, are user segmented, too. When I listed my “Current City” as Paris, France, I found that all my sponsored posts started showing up in French. This shows that Facebook does a pretty good job at determining who to show which advertisements.

What’s a “like” worth? Well, depending on your company’s audience, it could mean the difference between big profits and absolutely no change in income.

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