How to Type a Research Paper

A research paper is a 5 or more page long essay. The essay revolves around 1 topic, providing the reader with lots of information.


  1. Gather your info. Make sure YOU know about the topic. For example, if you were doing a research paper on “Illegal Immigration”, then you would gather statistics and interviews from famous people.
  2. Once you have gathered ENOUGH information, you have to interview someone. Interview someone who is related to the topic. Avoid interviews with family members. So for a topic, you would interview an immigration attorney or someone who works in a consulate or a law applicant.
  3. Expand your information. Expand the information, and get each paragraph peer edited at least 4 times, and once more by the teacher.


  • Ask for help, when you need it
  • Follow regular essay format
  • MLA format is important
  • Get your paper edited at least 10 times, by adults, peers, teachers, friends, and family members
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