How to play: Pen & paper games for more than two

Aim: To communicate a word or phrase through drawing alone

How to play: Dividing players into teams. The “drawer” on the first team has a minute to sketch as many objects as possible (household objects, places, people, for example), which their teammates must try to identify. Answers must be specific.

If the team guesses within the minute, they earn a point. Game passes to the next team who repeats the process. Playing enough rounds that everyone gets a chance to draw. This is best when everyone, including the other teams, can see what is being drawn.


Instead of a noun, try to depict a well-known phrase or saying, as in the dinner party scene When Harry Met Sally (“baby fish mouth” etc.).

Spice it up

Rubbish at drawing? Raid your children’s art box and fashion the objects out of Playdough

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