How to Make Money from Playing Video Games

All you do is play video games? Think about the time when you were sitting around watching T.V. playing handhelds, then all of the sudden a commercial about a new video game [computer, system, etc.] and your mom won’t give you that much money. You’re bummed. This article will give you a solution.


  1. Set up a service from school that you beat people’s video games for them.
  2. Beat the video games and charge about $5-10 each, depending on the game. For example, if it were something as long as a Pokemon game charge 10-12 dollars; if it were something short like Spider-Man for DS that would be about $5.


  • Don’t overcharge your customers. Offer things like half-price Tuesday or similar.


  • You might get in trouble for this.

Things You’ll Need

  • TV
  • Mom
  • Gullible friends
  • Video game skills

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