How to Fix a Scratched Video Game

Imagine this. You want to play your favorite video game so you fetch it from its case and place it into the game system. But wait. What’s this? You get an error message filling the screen instead of the expected game. You quickly whip it out of the system to find a horrific scratch down the back. Aaaugh! But before you run to the store to buy another copy, try some of these steps.


  1. Ensure that the disc does not have any MAJOR scratches.
  2. Apply a small amount of dish detergent to the disc(s), and using lukewarm water and a soft cloth wipe the disc clean from center to edge, NOT in a circular pattern.
  3. Rinse well to remove any detergent and grime, shake off excess water, and pat dry with a soft, lint free cloth.
  4. Put it back into the game console and see if it worked.
  5. Ask nearby video stores if they can rebuff the disk. This will usually fix the disk.
  6. If that didn’t work you can look into buying an automated skip fixer. The Game Doctor is a very good one to look into (and I suggest getting it even though it’s 20$. It’s best to have it if you need it again).
  7. Follow the instructions on the auto-skip fixer.
  8. After using the fixer place the game back into the console.
  9. If it still shows an error consider returning the game to the store.


  • If your disc has stickers on it, you can still clean it. Just use a very damp cloth taking care only to get the data (shiny) side wet, both for cleaning and rinsing.
  • Clean the inside of the console (where you place the disk). I’d suggest taking a slightly dampcloth (one of the fine cloths from FYE with water on it is fine or even a Shirt make sure it dosent have like little peices of material it has to be flat) and wipe the inside area of the console making sure that it is free of dust.
  • Try another game to make sure that the problem really is the game and not the consolebefore getting another copy of the game.
  • Remember, it is LEGAL in the United States to use a game that was copied from an ISO image from the Internet as long as you have the original game.


  • None of these steps will work if there is a deep scratch in the disk. If you just noticed the scratch now or it just reached the point where the console won’t read the disk then these steps should work fine.
  • DO NOT USE A SOAKING WET CLOTH ON THE INSIDE OF YOUR CONSOLE! You will short it out and not only will you have to get another copy of the game but a new console as well.

Things You’ll Need

  • Fine Cloth
  • Auto-Skip Fixer if the steps didn’t work
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