How to Download PSP Games from PS3

You must have enough free space for this


  1. Go to the PlayStation Store in PS3.
  2. Purchase/download a PSP game in Ps3.
  3. When it’s posted on your memory stick/game section, attach a USB cable to your PSP and Ps3.
  4. In your PSP, Go to settings – USB connection.
  5. In your PS3, Select your PSP game.
  6. It will ask you to copy it, click on yes.
  7. It will also ask you to DELETE the game in your PS3! BUT NOT FROM YOUR PSP! It’s your decision on that question.
  8. When it is done converting, Go to the game section on PSP – Memory stick.
  9. Find your game.


  • This might send viruses to your Ps3 or PSP
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