How to Create Your Own Video Gaming Tournament

Looking for something fun and interesting to do with family and friends? Why not coordinate an exciting gaming tournament? A gaming tournament is a great way to gather neighbors and friends while entertaining every member of your family for a full weekend for one low price. From adults to little ones, everyone is sure to love the fun and excitement that comes with a rousing gaming event. Here are our easy tips for planning this family fun. Steps

  1. Plan ahead. Whether it’s over winter break or just for the weekend, a projector rental can really enhance a gaming event.
  2. Get Input. Be sure to get input from everyone – kids and adults.
  3. Decide on prizes. As a family, decide when to host your tournament, what the rules will be, which games will be played, how the winner will be determined, and what prizes will be awarded.
  4. Create the rules of the tournament and what determines the winner.
  5. Have some fun! Build up some anticipation for the event, and plan food and snacks for your gaming tournament. Put it on the family calendar and prioritize this event as special. Plan at least a week or two ahead, which should give you plenty of time to arrange for that projector rental (not to mention a little friendly smack-talk!)


  • Winner might be decided by most challenges won, a round-robin style playoff, most points awarded, etc.
  • Out of fairness, you might want to select a new game that no one in the family has played, so that frequent players don’t get the home-play advantage.
  • With regards to prizes, it’s important to get input from all the family members. Keep in mind – it’s not necessary to spend a lot of money on prizes. In fact, sometimes the best prizes are the ones that cost nothing.
  • Consider awarding the winner the privilege of a whole day without chores, or staying up (or out) extra late one evening. Perhaps it’s as simple as bragging rights as family champion.
  • Set the stage, choose the location in your home and get ready to have some fun. It only takes a few minutes to handle rental projector setup, and you’ll want to position your unit directed towards a blank wall.
  • Be sure to feature plenty of comfy seating for players and spectators, and keep the phone and computer off-limits during this family bonding time. If you don’t have a blank wall to use, you can easily hang a light-colored solid sheet instead (white works best, but beige or gray will suffice).
  • A dry-erase board or chalkboard would be perfect for keeping everyone abreast of the scores.
  • If you as a parent don’t plan to participate, why not let the kids invite a few friends and make it an informal party? It’s a fun and affordable way to keep them entertained for hours.

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