How to Create a Computer Game Using PowerPoint

Games are fun and many people like computer games, so why not impress your friends with a computer game you created yourself!


1. Open Microsoft PowerPoint

2. Create a new, blank presentation by pressing Ctrl-N.

3. Make sure the first slide’s layout is the title slide.

4. In the title box, name your new game.

5. In the subtitle box, write “Click Here”.

6. Create a new slide, one with a title and text, by clicking Insert->New Slide.

7. Highlight “Click Here” and link it to slide 2 by selecting it then right click and go to hyperlink.

8. A box will pop up. You pick Place in This Document, pick slide titles, then slide 2.

9. Create a scenario for this slide and create options to deal with the scenario. For example, slide 2 would look like: You are lost in a desert, do you:

  • Look for water.
  • Build a sand castle.
  • Shoot a camel.
  • Do nothing.
10. Highlight each option and link them to another slide that presents a new scenario. This new scenario will present the player with the consequences of his/her actions. There will be wrong choices and there will be right choices.

11. Continue the chain of linked slides until a final result is arrived. Enough wrong choices will lead to a slide that reads something like ‘You Lose’ and enough right choices will lead to a slide that says something like “Congratulations you win!”


  • Be patient, making a good game takes time and effort. Take time to think about an interesting or funny plot. In a game like this, plot is the key factor in determining whether people will play it or not since you won’t have some features of programmed video games. If the plot is good enough, people won’t even care about features.
  • This is a good way to design a programmed video game. Use this method to storyboard your game, then run it by your friends and family. Proceed or redesign based on their response.
  • Add pictures, colors, sound effects and even movies to make it appealing to the gamer.
  • Try using the Control Toolbox in PowerPoint to add objects like buttons and input boxes, then use Visual Basic to add some cool features to your game.
  • Instead of using PowerPoint, use OpenOffice Impress. This is essentially just a free version of PowerPoint. You can still create hyperlinks, but the best part is that from OpenOffice Impressyou can export it all as an SWF file (a Shockwave flash file like most internet games) so that you can upload it online and post it on your website for anyone to play in their browsers.
  • When you finish, share it with friends or family. They will be wondering how you did it.
  • When you finish, go to the bottom of the PowerPoint screen and press the button that looks like a screen. Press it and play the game in slide show mode.


  • Some game genres may be offensive to some people so be careful.
  • If using PowerPoint 2007, you may have to click proof your game.

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