How to Create 3D Computer Games

Want to create your very own 3D computer game? Just don’t know where to start? Read on and find out how!


  1. First of all, you have to know that making a simple 2D game such as Tetris is much more difficult than it looks. Creating a 3D game is even harder. You have to take many things into consideration. Games such as the classic Pac-Man and Snake are also harder than they look.
  2. Now, there are several different programming languages to choose from. There is no “better” one, and each has its own ways. You can choose from C, C++, C#, Java, Visual Basic, and many others. There are many tutorials out there that you can find using Google.
  3. Then, you have to start out small, very small. Get used to the syntax of programming languages and slowly move on. After all, you must learn to crawl before you learn to walk. Then, you must learn to walk to learn to run.
  4. When you are quite proficient with a programming language, make sure you are able to understand most of the language (I say most because you can’t really memorize everything). Make sure you can create a window, make objects, use Object Oriented Programming, and many others.
  5. Now it is time to choose an API (Application Programming Interface). Some examples of API’s are DirectX and OpenGL. There is one thing you have to keep in consideration, however. Some API’s are limited only to certain Operating Systems. For example, DirectX is limited to Microsoft Windows, while OpenGL is not.
  6. Before even trying to mess around with 3D, I suggest that you try 2D applications first. Once you can create a simple Tetris clone or a Breakout clone, you are ready to rumble!


  • Start out small!!!
  • Don’t be afraid if the syntax of a programming/scripting language hurts your brain at first.
  • Nobody can say “You can’t”.


  • Do NOT, under any circumstances (Unless it’s extremely private, i.e. you are the only one that has access to it), use something that is not your work in your applications. That is called copyright infringement and may get you into tons of trouble.
  • Always back up your work if it is a big project, or face the possibility of losing everything you have done.

Things You’ll Need

  • Cartoon characters
  • Backgrounds
  • A good knoweldege in programming
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