How to Beat Your Opponent in a Game of Warhammer 40K

This guide entails how to win at the board game of Warhammer 40K.


  1. If you are playing capture the objective,(where you get to choose where one of the objectives can go to capture it).
  2. Place it in the open and make sure you have some cover on all sides.
  3. As your opponent goes for the objective, you can whittle his troops down. Charge him to cause a devastating affect on him, thus allowing you to capture the objective.
  4. If you are playing elimination, (where you both start from either side of the board and fight it out until there are no more of the opponents models left on the battlefield)
  5. Choose a variety of troop choices depending on the layout of the field.
  6. Get Infiltrating troops behind your opponents troops to cause confusion and distracting your opponents main forces to deal with the newely arrived forces thus allowing you to take out the opponents big weapons allowing you a clean victory.

Alternate Method

If you send out a strong unit behind a weak one, your opponent will go for your weak ones. Your strong unit will be left to assault your opponent killing his troops and saving your weak ones.


  • Never get too excited when you start to win the game. It’s all about concentration and keeping your cool.
  • Don’t brag your victory.
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