How to Be Gamer

Are you not fitting in with your old friends? Are you talking in weird sentences that involve words like, I has, klutch, and charkons? Do you also stay home from parties just so you can level up ? If any of these apply to you , you might just be becoming a gamer. This article will give you step by step instructions on how to fit in as a gamer.


  1. Find a game. The games you would play to be a gamer would be, Halo 3 or 2, World Of Warcraft, Gears Of War, or Call Of Duty. Call of duty will most likely not make you a gamer because there are a lot of people that play call of duty just for fun and not to be serious or to be a gamer. There are exceptions though, like say you play call of duty and you make montages, then you would be a gamer. The games that I mentioned before (except for call of duty) all have MLG. MLG is the biggest in halo but is still in the other games. If you want to get into those games you might want to check out the MLG website or watch a few montages of the game you chose.
  2. Get the attitude. The attitude that the most best Gamers have is chill. Gamers know just because they are good it doesn’t mean they are the best so they accept if someone is bad at the game and if you are nice to them they might help you get better. Most gamers wear a variety of clothes. Mostly they wear clothes that reflect who they are, they don’t really care what other people think so they wear what ever they want. Ive noticed most gamers wear tight jeans, but if you don’t like them you don’t have to wear them. When you look at a group of gamers you don’t see a certain social scene you mostly see a lot of different clothes and looks. The two most common hairstyles are medium longish with it straight sweeping across the face and short with it just touching the top of your ears, exposing your forehead. Also most gamers are a little bit messy so their clothes aren’t always clean. One thing that most gamers have that isn’t so appealing is acne, they don’t really care that much about appearance when they are home so they get a little greasy.
  3. When becoming a gamer you also need to play the game you choose. If you want to be good at a game you have to stick with it. Look into the playlist that will make you good or give you more exp so you can either get kids to teach you things or get better by just playing with them. Also try and find some kids from your school or local people you know that play and play with them if they are good. Eventually when you get good and start playing a lot you will be recognized by people in your community and globally depending how good you get.
  4. Start teaming or joining gamebattles. Once people have noticed you are good or you think you are good enough you will start getting invites for a team. Most of the time this means gamebattles. What you are most likely going to want to do is team with some locals or friends so you can play in local tournaments. When you have a team try and play with them as much as possible so you can get better as a team and hopefully if your not already become good friends.


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