How to Avoid Video Game Addiction

Video games are great to play, when there is nothing else to do. But if you find you are playing the games rather than reading or doing your chores, or even homework, then it is obvious you have become addicted!


1. Notice what you do when you come home from work or school.

2. Make a list of things to do. Write down everything that has to be done during your day and list them in order of importance.

3. Look at the list every day, and follow it. Cross off each of as you take care of them. The list should look like this:

  • Make my bed
  • Straighten out my room
  • Take out the garbage
  • Go to School
  • Do my homework
  • Get some exercise
  • Feed the dog
  • Play video games
4. Remember to make the list to suit you and your life.

5. Tell the people you’re playing with that you’re going to stop at a certain time. You might be tempted to ignore the fact that you’ve played for more time than you’d like, or you may not even realize how long you’re playing, but others may help to remind you.

6. Try finding something else you like to do. It could be from drawing to running with your dog. This helps keep your mind off it.


  • If you play because there is nothing better or more fun to do then add something else that is interesting into your life. Join a club, or create a goal. By alternating between the activities, you will not feel the “video game longing”, and it may be beneficial in reducing your stress and keeping you on track with your goals.
  • Try playing a single player game rather then an online game. Playing a single player game eliminates the social aspect of an online game which may keep you from playing for long periods of time. (warning: the problem with this is that the social aspect is one of the positive parts of video gaming, and reducing social interaction isn’t a good idea in general)
  • Do not ‘marathon play’. Take a break every hour for 5 minutes and do something else (preferably physical such as stretching or walking around your home), then return to the game after your break.
  • If it gets really bad, start deleting the games on your desktop or other entertainment files.
    1. Write down a list of online games you play and have a friend get on your Internet and block them.
    2. Try finding something else you like to do.
  • Keep track of how many hours you play in an average week. Multiply this by the minimum wage you could earn at a part time job and think of how much more fun that money would buy.
  • Remind yourself that one day the game you are playing will be obsolete. The servers will shutdown, new games will come out, and your character will cease to exist. If you habitually neglect life due to these games one day you will wake up with a useless past, and a world of regret.
  • If your love of online games deals with the constant progression and leveling up of a character think about the most important character in the most important game. That would be YOU and YOUR LIFE! If you want to spend hours and hours leveling someone up why not make it you? Make your body stronger with exercise. Make your mind stronger with reading. Gain new skills and talents by taking classes or doing research. There is no level cap for YOU, and the possibilites are truly endless!
  • If you are still having a hard time, quit any game subscriptions and use the money to get a Wii. There are games such as Wii Fit that help you lose weight while still playing video games!


  • Just like other physical addictions, online gaming can sneak up on you little by little. At first you may only play a few hours, but as you join guilds, become more powerful, meet more friends, and go on raids you may find more and more of your time hijacked by the online gaming world.
  • Don’t make excuses. Many people cite that there are many other people who are addicted and do not acknowledge their own addiction. Yes, some people have been so addicted they committed suicide over online games. But situations can be less extreme and still be an addiction. For example, not everyone who does cocaine overdoses, but does that mean they are not addicted?
  • Don’t ignore the signs of online gaming addiction. Rehab centers for online gaming have even been created in the UK to help those who suffer from this addiction.

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