How to Automatically Win Solitaire

Are you getting frustrated with Solitaire? Do you want to impress your friends by mysteriously completing Solitaire in less than 10 seconds? Here’s how to perform a simple trick that lets you win Solitaire automatically.


  1. Open Solitaire on Windows XP.
  2. Press and hold SHIFT + ALT + 2 at any time in the game.
  3. That’s all! You’ve won.


  • If you intend to play a joke on your friends, you should probably wait until they are not looking before you perform the cheat.
  • This does not work on Windows Vista or 7.
  • If, that won’t work,you’ll have to press the letter “I” then press “shift+8.” Next,you right click the slots for the aces. Press each one and watch the game win right in front of your amazed eyes!


  • Naturally, this defeats the purpose of playing Solitaire. Use it sparingly.
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