How to Use Your Phone As a Baby Monitor

If you are shopping for a baby monitor, consider saving your money! Most cordless phone sets on the market today can do the job. Chances are you have what you need in your home right now!

Most cordless phones today include a “base unit” and anywhere from 2 to 4 handsets, which can communicate with each other like an “intercom” where one handset can “call” any of the other handsets. Quite often using this intercom feature will not prevent you from receiving outside calls.

If you don’t have a phone set like the one described above yet, consider buying one. Price ranges are somewhat comparable to baby monitors, but you are getting a much more useful product.


  1. From handset 1, call handset 2.
  2. Answer the call on handset 2.
  3. Put handset 1 on “speaker phone” and then “mute”. This will be the parent/baby sitter’s monitor.
  4. Put handset 2 on “speaker phone” and place it near the sleeping baby.
  5. You’re done!


  • Some multi-handset cordless phone packages include a “monitor” function. Read your manual.
  • To talk to your baby without getting up, just un-mute the handset you are using to listen and start talking, singing, etc.
  • To avoid disturbing your sleeping beauty, turn off the ringer on the handset in the baby’s room in case someone calls.


  • Check on your baby often, even when using a baby monitor.
  • This method allows you to listen only. Some baby monitors are designed to detect when a baby stops breathing (by use of a sensor under the matress) and sound an alarm. If you need this feature, then you will need to purchase a baby monitor that includes it.

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