How to Use Touch Screens

As more and more gadgets nowadays are already advanced and have touch screens. You’re probably wondering “Touch screens? What the hell are those things, how do we use them?”. Well, if you have that problem. This guide will solve it for you.


  1. Buy a Touch-Screen Console / Gadget. Some are:
    • Gaming Handhelds like the DS Family and the upcoming PS Vita.
    • Smart Phones like the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S II.
    • Other gadgets like a Pocket PC.
  2. Grab the stylus (If it comes with one), if it doesn’t require a stylus then just use your fingers.
  3. Poke or touch the screen using the stylus or your finger carefully, now analyze if the touch screen is soft-touch or it needs a little bit pressure for it to respond / interact.
  4. Now keep using the touch screen as you interact with the gadget, once you have done it for too long, you now fully know how to use a touch screen!


  • Some devices provide a stylus to tap with. If so, use it.
  • Some other devices won’t work if you try and use a stylus. They work by feeling body heat on the screen, not by pressure. If it dosen’t come with a stylus, don’t try to use one unless there is a stylus mode option.
  • Be sure to regularly clean your touch screen.
  • Be sure to analyze if its soft-touch or pressure-touch!


  • Some screens get smudges and scratches overtime. Wipe your fingers before use, and always take care of the device.
  • Some screens like cell phones and TV’s can give you small dose’s of radiation.
  • Don’t poke or touch the touch screen too hard or the screen might break.
Things You’ll Need
  • A Touch-Screen Gadget
  • [Optional] A Stylus
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