How to Use a Kindle 3

So the postman has arrived with your new Kindle 3, you open the box, and your stuck. Never fear How to Use a Kindle 3 is here!


1. Take the Kindle out of the box and follow the instructions displayed.

2. Once you’re done charging your Kindle 3, slide the power button on the bottom to the right.

  • When you turn on the Kindle 3 you should get a message welcoming you.
3. Check to see if you are connected. If you have an Amazon account it should be automatically connected. If you don’t have an account with Amazon, you will have to create one.

4. To ensure your Kindle is hooked up to your Amazon account, press the menu button on your Kindle. Go to settings, and you will see registration at the top of your screen. If your Kindle 3 is hooked up to your account it will say deregister. Do not press deregister.

5. Press the home button to return to the home screen.

6. Go to Menu, Shop in Kindle Store.

7. Once you’re in the Kindle Store you will see the word books.

8. If you would like to look at the books available hit the button in the middle of the arrows.


  • You can shop for Magazines, Newspapers, books, and to many other things to list here on your new Kindle 3.
  • To save battery turn wireless off by going pressing the menu button, and then Turn wireless off on the Kindle 3 screen.
  • For more information refer to your manual.
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