How to Use a Bluetooth Device

By the changing time as the technology has been changing the headsets of mobiles. From the conjustable headset full of wires to the latest wireless bluetooth headset. Bluetooth headsets are easy and great to handle. It can be used in malls or during driving a car.


1. Link it to your cell phone. Cell phones can be easy, but nothing is easier than keeping it in your pocket when you talk. Use a Bluetooth headset to have a hands free conversation. They are typically worn over the ear, and can be used without charging for one to four hours.

2. Use a Bluetooth headset with your PC. You will probably need an adapter to link up your headset with your PC, and they are placed in a vacant USB port in your computer. It enables your PC to communicate with and through the headset.

3. Pair your Bluetooth headset with your PC in order to use it for VoIP applications. You must set your headset to the discovery option and allow your computer to roam and link with the headset.

4. Keep it charged. In order to get the most life out of your headset, keep it charged when you aren’t using it. This will ensure that it is ready whenever you need it. Use the standard house charger at home, and buy a car charger for traveling.

5. Adjust the volume. Make it easy on your ears by lowering the volume to a level that is comfortable. When you choose a setting that is too loud you can hurt the ear drum and if you set it too low you may strain to hear the other person.


  • Pairing is quickest way to connect as it will not ask you to play a song or to talk.


  • Do not maximize the volume of the bluetooth set as it may damage your ear drum.
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