How to Upload Video on Youtube

You need help to upload a video on youtube,read this…


  1. Open your Internet and go to Youtube.
  2. Look up at the right corner of Youtube,you will see Browse and Upload Buttons,Press Upload,but make sure you already have an account first and its accepted!
  3. Now that you pressed Upload: You will see 3 Buttons,the first one is ‘Select files from your computer’, ‘Upload Multiple files’ and ‘record from webcam’..So Its your choice,but I usually go to the ‘Old Design’ thats up in one letter that asks you do you have any problems..So click it and it will be easier to upload a video from there..But Your choice!
  4. When you click the Old Design button thats a little up on all buttons..You will see ‘upload video’ and ‘record from webcam’ So one of them you will click,but if you already have a video you have made and want to put it on youtube,you go to Upload video of course,I use the basic uploader because I have problems but I’m sure you wont,so if you do,you will see with tiny letters down on the page says ‘basic uploader’ Click if you have problems..
  5. Now that you’ve clicked upload video you will see a window that shows all files you have on your computer,and you find the one you want to upload and click it,then click ‘ok’
  6. Now you wait a little for the downloading of your video,at least 10 mins if you net is low,and while its downloading you write the name of your video and everything else..and when your done with writing,you go click ‘Save Changes’ and then a green window will show that your video is downloaded and ready to be on youtube,and you click on a link that shows you into the green window,thats the link of your video and you click it,it takes you to your very own video! :)


  • If you don’t have a video you can film one with a camera!


  • Make sure you have an accepted account first!
  • Make sure your video’s is OK first!
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