How to Make Money out of Your Old Electronic Junk

Remember that laptop you bought 4 years ago but then decided to upgrade because you wanted to get that fancy new MacBook? What about the iPod that you used to carry along every day but now got replaced by your brand new iPhone? We all have a lot of electronic junk that lays around at home, inside the closet and we end up trashing it.

Well, guess what…you can make some money out of it. Maybe not a fortune but certainly better than nothing and you end up with less junk anyway. Here is how to do it…

Several websites have been around recently that can take old electronics and give you a decent amount of money for it. Now, how much you will get depends on the condition of your gadget (laptop, cell phone, ipad etc.). My personal experience is that if your electronic device is really old, meaning more than 5 years old, then you shouldn’t expect much. But they will usually pay for shipping so why not?

But don’t be fooled. Just because your laptop will not turn on or has a defective battery doesn’t mean they will not take it. On the contrary, this is when you should really consider it. A friend of mine just threw her laptop in the garbage because the screen was smashed. After I told her this trick she ended up getting $125 for it. Not bad right? Here is a list of websites to get you started:


  1. Cashforlaptops Great website with a free quote based on the condition of you gadget. They provide free shipping and will give you a final price after they evaluate your product. If you don’t like their offer you can have your gadget back at no cost. Certainly an honest website.
  2. Cashyourlaptop Another similar service mostly for laptops.
  3. Gazelle Nice format for all kinds of electronic devices. Also offering a free quote online.
  4. YouRenew Great website for all kinds of electronics. You can send your device for recycling even if it has no value.
  5. NextWorth Similar service for a variety of electronic devices.
  6. CellforCash Service for cell phones only. I have limited experience with this service but it is probably worth a try.
  7. BuymyTronics Another website that is offering to wipe all the data from your old devices to Department of Defense standards.
  8. If your electronic device is at a pretty good and functional condition I certainly recommend submitting it for sale at after you create a seller’s account. It is my personal experience that you can get a better price as long as it is usable. I will explain how to do that in detail at a later post.



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