How to Fool Your Parents Into Thinking They Have Your Phone

Mom or dad confiscate your phone? Has this happened once? Twice? Three times? Well then here’s some ways you can fool your parents into thinking they have your phone.


  1. When going home, take your SIM card out of your current phone.
  2. If your Mom/Dad asks for your phone, give it to them. (don’t tell them your SIM card is or isn’t in there, because they could end up taking that too.
  3. Insert your SIM card into a previous phone you had. (ex: the phone before you had an upgrade.)
  4. Make sure you have a spare phone.
  5. Be smart and don’t be obvious with the spare.


  • Don’t use your spare phone around your parents.
  • Be careful of “snitchy” brothers and/or sisters. They can and will rat you out.
  • When using a spare phone, make sure you have a charger.


  • Remember, don’t forget you got in trouble.
  • If caught with a spare phone, you could end up in bigger trouble, which will cause your parents to lose trust in you.
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