How Could Apple Lose iPad Trademark

Apple Inc., the world’s most valuable company, could actually lose the right to use the iPad name in China, a senior Chinese official said on Tuesday.

“According to the … provisions of the China Trademark Law, currently Shenzhen Proview is the legal registrant of the iPad trademark,” said Fu Shuangjian, a deputy director of China’s State Administration for Industry and Commerce, at a news conference today.

“This case has a huge impact and the final court ruling would directly influence who owns the iPad trademark. The commerce department will (take the matter) very seriously.”

According to Xie Xianghui, who represents Proview Technology Shenzhen Co., a Chinese court started mediating the dispute between Apple and Chinese company over the rights in the country to the iPad trademark.

Apple said that it bought rights to the name from Shenzhen Proview as part of an agreement in 2009.


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