How to Pay Your Bills in Morocco

If you are an expat new to Morocco, the system of paying bills can be complicated and confusing. Here is an outline of the basic system for paying your utility and phone bills and a few short cuts for getting the job done much faster.


  1. Obtain the paper copy of your bill (if you don’t have this you can bring your subscriber number for utilities or your landline number for phone bills and they will grudgingly look up and print your last bill for you)
  2. Find the nearest bill pay office. *note: The name of the utility office will be different in different cities.
  3. Bring cash, take a ticket and wait. Believe it or not during the busy time of the day it’s not unusual to find that 100+ people are in line ahead of you, the wait could be as long as 3 hours.


  • Shortcuts:
    • Anywhere you see a sign: “ESPACE SERVICES” here they will receive payment fax in your phone and utility bills for a small fee.
    • Tip your doorman and ask him to wait in line for you, he may have several other tenants who already do the same.
    • Write a check. If you have a Moroccan bank, you can use the check drop box to pay your utility and phone bills instead of waiting in line.
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