How to be a Great Fan in Boston

A Harvard alumni card has millions of possible uses, but using it to support your favorite sports team might be one of the most rewarding ways. Show your family and friends that you are a great fan and start using your Harvard alumni card today to enhance your experiences.

The Boston area has some great sports team. The New England Patriots, the Boston Celtics, and of course, the Boston Red Sox all hail from this area. If you are from this section of New England, you know how fervent the Boston sports fans are. With a Harvard Alumni Card, you can enjoy these sports teams even more than before. This credit card comes with a low interest rate and will allow you to extend your spending power farther than ever before. Harvard alumni can use this card for any purpose, but being a great Boston sports fan is one of the biggest perks that you can take advantage of.

  • The Boston Red Sox might not be in the postseason this year, but that won’t slow down Boston fans. Red Sox Nation has some of the most devoted fans in all of the United States. You can show your Boston pride this coming offseason with a purchase of Red Sox clothing, apparel, or other souvenirs.  Show off your pride and make sure you let the rest of the world know that you haven’t given up on your team. There’s always next year and there is every indication that the team will be even better now that many key players—like Jacoby Ellsbury—have recovered from devastating injuries.
  • The New England Patriots are a perennial post season power in the NFL. Show off your pride for your home team with a Patriots jacket or winter cap that you can wear to home games this season. The Patriots are coming of a recent Super Bowl appearance from last year and look like they will be the team to beat once again in the AFC East. The Buffalo Bills, the New York Jets, and the Miami Dolphins all look decent this year, but none of these teams have the star power that Tom Brady and the rest of the Patriots team has.
  • The Boston Celtics have one of the most amazing records in all of the NBA. They have had many postseason appearances and a huge number of NBA Finals Championships. The Celtics might not have had the best team last year, but they still made a great postseason push and surprised even the eventual NBA Champions, the Miami Heat. With some key players returning for the upcoming season, the Celtics will likely be a postseason threat yet again, barring any major injuries.

You can use your Harvard Alumni credit card to buy tickets, sports gear, or whatever you would like. The beauty of a credit card is that it is so versatile; you can use it over the phone, online, or at a store. The hard part of getting a credit card is trying to minimizing costs. With this card, you will have lower than the industry standard for an interest rate. If you graduated from Harvard, you will want to check out this card and see if it will bring some ease into your wallet.

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