How to Write a Love Song

[[Media:I Already Miss You


  1. I was only five years old/
  2. when you told me to stop bein to grown/
  3. I remeber the fun we had/
  4. The time you used to meake me laugh/
  5. Now your gone and Im on my own/
  6. I cant do this by myself and i dont wanna be alone/
  7. I Already miss Youuuuuuu(2x)
  8. What am i supposed to do?
  9. Without Youuuu


  • I know your in a better Place/
  • Where everyone knows your face/
  • I felt the tears roll down my face/
  • And now your painless in a Happy place/
  • I Already miss Youuuuuuu(2x)Italic text*What am i supposed to do?
  • Without Youuuu


  • Paper and pencil or a computer
  • And a real feeling for that person
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