How to Understand Different Types Romance Novels

Romance Books are a very popular literary genre. The focus of most romance book story lines is the relationship between two lovers. Most readers hope for a happy ending for the characters in the romantic stories they read. As romance novels have increased in popularity writers have started to expand the types of story lines they write in an attempt to release new and relevant erotic books to the global market.

Romance novels have many varieties. The two most recognized forms of romance novels are category romance and the single title romance. Within these two categories there are hundreds of subgenres. Books written in the category romance style are typically short novels. Publishers of such stories usually publish one every month. The popularity of erotic books in general has been steadily increasing overtime.

The other well-known format of erotic books is the single title romance novel. These romance books are generally longer than the previously mentioned category romances. Publishers will typically release a maximum of one to two single title romances a year. Single title erotic books are never stand-alone books.

Speaking of the category subgenre of romance novels, these novels are believed to be some of the oldest and most popular subgenres of Erotic Books. When someone thinks of romance books they are typically thinking of contemporary romances. These kinds of novels have more realistic characters in them and the content is normally based on the current events or popular world figures. Historical romances are an older concept and have received a mixed reaction from the modern market.

Some romance novels involve romantic suspense. The main plot of this subgenre is to victimize either the hero or the heroine in order to create suspense. The blend of mystery and romance is very popular and there is a huge demand for such erotic books from people across the world. The suspense or the solving of a mystery makes the reader more curious and helps to depict the strong bond between the loving couple.

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