How to Understand Current Top Romance Novel Authors

Getting lost in romance novels is a favorite leisure – time activity for many people. Over time, people find their favorite authors and gravitate to them. However, it is still a good idea to do some research every once in a while on who the top romance novel authors are. Following is a list of some of the top current romance novel authors:

Stephenie Meyer

One author who is currently very popular for romance novels is Stephenie Meyer. Her popularity rose largely due to the success of her Twilight series. Twilight is the story of a romance between a vampire and a young lady. While the books have been enjoyed by teens and adults alike, the movies seem to be geared more towards teens. Stephenie has written another deliciously romantic novel called The Host. This novel is less popular than the Twilight series, but is proclaimed to be every bit as good by those who have read it.

Diana J. Gabaldon

The best-selling Outlander series was written by Diana J. Gabaldon. This series of Romance Books is what continues to keep her at the top of the list of authors. This time-travel series is about a young woman who has fallen in love with a man in one century, but she has a husband in another. This series offers a brilliant balance of romance and history that many readers have come to love. Diana is also well known for her Lord John series, which is a set of Romance Novels that originally started as a short story about one of the characters in the Outlander series.

Jennifer Ashley

Jennifer Ashley makes the current top author list because of her novel, The Madness of Lord Ian MacKenzie. This book was rated the best selling romance novel in 2009 by a 2010 reader poll. It is the story of a romance between a slightly mad noble man who is thought to be a murderer, and a woman that was born into poverty and has become a widow. This dark romance is very sensual and historical, which makes it loved by readers of Erotic Books everywhere.

Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Susan Elizabeth Phillips makes the list mostly because of her best-selling romance novel, It Had to be You. This story centers on a young lady, Phoebe, whose father has left his beloved football team in her possession in his will. The team is to remain hers as long as they win the AFC championship. Otherwise, it goes to her brother. Unfortunately, Phoebe is somewhat of a bimbo, and runs into much trouble learning how to manage a football team; however, this is part of the charm of this book. She and the coach develop a sort of love-hate relationship, and an attraction which they are constantly fighting begins to arise.

Learning about the top selling authors of romance novels is a good way to find more books to read. This short list is just a few of the current best-selling authors to help broaden your reading list. Since many people who love reading romance books also enjoy talking and blogging about them, you should also consider searching online to help add more variety to your reading.

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