How to Promote Your Romance Books Online

With any sort of product or service offered in today’s world, there is the need to advertise and promote this product/service as much as possible, or else people won’t ever know about it! When it comes to Romance Novels, there is not much difference. Because there are so many romance novels already available to download and read, it’s important that as an author you are able to get word out about your new book. Digital marketing is truly the way of the world today, and without it you can rest assured that your romance books and Erotic eBooks will get lost in the competition. Marketing and promoting your story is a must if you’re serious about having a successful book.

There isn’t just one single way to promote Romance Books Online, although some methods are better than others. The great thing is that by marketing your book online you have a good chance of a large amount of people seeing and reading your work. However, before you can begin to create a fan-base you’ll need to market your books to a wide range of people. The best way to do this is online through a variety of methods. Consider the following as ways to get your book known!

1) Blogs – Blogs have become extremely popular in today’s world. They are a great way to continue to keep in contact with your fan-base with updates about your book. With a blog you could post a chapter or two from the book for those interested to read, and then ask for comments, reviews, and so on. Keeping in touch with your readers is the most important part of promoting and advertising. This way your number of fans will continue to grow.

2) Podcasts – Podcasts not only allow readers to get to know you, but you can also give them sneak-peeks! Podcasts are a great way to talk to, entertain, and interact with, your fans. You could decide to read a chapter out of the book and have listeners listen and comment once the chapter is over. This is a great way to draw attention to your book. If your chapters are enticing enough you can be sure that readers are going to come back for more!

3) Forums – Online book and eBook forums are always full of bibliophiles. Marketing your book can be as simple as joining one of the popular book forums and promoting. Get involved with the community and get your name known! Many of these forums allow you to talk to readers from all over the world. On the forums you could decide to give away a few signed copies of the books for readers to read and review.

Remember: all of these methods have proven to work. It is up to you which direction you decide to take. Your book’s name won’t become known overnight, but with proper promoting and marketing your book will be read by people soon!

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