How to Make Your Own Webshow

The Internet is an amazing place to bring your ideas to the attention of others. One way to do this is through a web show. Follow these steps and you could soon become a bona fide Internet star!


  1. Get an idea for your show. It needs to be a good, wonderful, fun, and exciting with additional episodes. Try to get an idea for one good episode. Think, and write down these steps to help you remember. Then just write the script.
  2. Choose a title for your show. Just as much as you need a good idea for your show, you need a good title for it as well. Try to tie your title in with the topic your show. Not only should it be relevant, it should be distinctive and memorable.
  3. Get lighting or else you wouldn’t be able to see anything. Pick out some colorful lights, too, if you want to add a little flair and style. Don’t forget to give it extra style!
  4. Make the scene or set look outstanding. Pick a colorful, big place to shoot your web show. If you put a plain white blank screen behind you it probably would look boring. If you pick something with a bunch of pictures and add things that show off your own flair. You could also use a large sized printout of an image as a backdrop. When you show your falir don’t add to much. It’ll over kill it and show your desperate.
  5. Have a camera worth taping with and stop recording. You’ll need a good camera to film your show. You could temporarily use a web cam, but if you want to show quality picture, you should invest in a digital camcorder, such as a HDV-Handycam.But don’t worry it’s not needed! If you don’t have much money you can use your webcam.
  6. Select family members or friends to work on your show. It would be great to have about two to three crew members. One do the actual filming while the other managed other technical aspects. You may also need two to three hosts or actors.
  7. Make a schedule or a planner of what you will be doing on the show and if there will be some guests. You can take the ideas you wrote down and fit them into your schedule to remember what time you have to do it.
  8. Don’t be boring or rude in your webshow. If you do, you will probably lose a huge amount of viewers and your precious time of taping shows all goes to waste! You also don’t have to be a polite goody two shoes but keep your temper easy too.
  9. Practice your lines so you don’t forget but don’t worry you can have cue cards if you want. Some people really don’t know how to act politely unless they have memorized the script or cue cards fully.
  10. Edit your video on the computer, make it run cleanly through scenes. There are various programs that can help you do this. Add special effects if necessary. Don’t let anyone who isn’t a good speller or someone who sabatages edit.
  11. Distribute your film on a free website. You may want to host your webcast on a video sharing site such as YouTube first, and then if it is really good get your own domain website. Use ratings and comments to your advantage. Listen to what people want to see and what they like.
  12. Promote your show. Nobody is going to watch your show if they don’t know it exists. Use both online and offline methods of spreading the word about your show. This could mean using social media as well as word-of-mouth techniques. Try social networking websites. Tell your friends to tell their friends or relatives. You can even try making posters to hand out.
  13. Read what they think. Read comments or messages people leave you on your website or video. Don’t think your video is bad if some comments are bad, just try to change your show a little bit and spice things up. Pay attention to the viewers that love your show.You should have a place where your fans can go look you up and give you feed back.If you get a lot of feed back that is not so good than just try to change your show a little so your fans will like it more.


  • The web show doesn’t need to have a storyline. It could be a rumors show, a friends show, a date line show, Or anything you set your mind to.
  • Project your voice! Talk louder so the camera can catch the noise.
  • You might want to get video editing software to edit some things in your web show.
  • You might want to invest in getting some sound effects to make people laugh with the sound effects.
  • If you want, you can be funny! Comedy is always a hit, and many people around the world love comedy!
  • Don’t forget to have fun. It doesn’t matter if people like your web show, just as long as you like it.
  • Make sure you archive your web cast recordings. You don’t want to work hard at your web show to have it lost forever!
  • Have a poll on a website or with your friends on what they want to see in the show. Also, put up an Idea Box on your website, and say some of the ideas on your show. Then people will see that they can give you ideas, and you will have more ideas for your show.
  • Make sure you have what you are going to do planned. Nobody likes watching you sit there in confusion, and this will negatively effect your total amount of viewers.


  • Don’t get over excited, as this will probably lose viewers. If you mess up, that will also happen. Make sure that you have the right material before starting your webshow. But most importantly, remember to have fun!
  • Be sure that your not embarrassed for the world to see because if you are putting it on Youtube, then many people can and/or will watch it, so don’t do something that you don’t want other people to see.
  • Don’t be mean to your cast. They will probably quit!
  • If you are doing something such as: Throwing eggs on your window blind folded, make sure it is okay with your parents! They will watch it and won’t like what they see!
  • If you do the same thing every week, you will lose viewers. Try to keep it new, and act excited while you are doing it!
  • If something happens by surprise when you are doing a live webshow, just act cool, and carry on with the show, do what you gotta do, in front of the camera.
  • Internet safety comes first, so use precautions before anything!
  • Make sure your webhost provides enough storage and bandwidth to store your videos. Some free hosts only allow uploading 15Mb of video before requiring you to upgrade to a premium package.

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