How to Make a WWE Championship Belt (Non Spinner)

Here’s how you can make a WWE Championship Belt!


  1. Find a piece of spare cardboard. Make sure it’s not too small.
  2. Cut the cardboard out in either a circle, oval, or any desired shape.
  3. Now the side plates. Cut these out in a rectangle or circle shapes. Put some designs on them.
  4. Next you are going to need either a small leather belt, or you can buy bigger strips of leather at some hardware stores.
  5. Glue or staple the side plates on about 2-3 inches from the center plate.
  6. Glue the center plate on as close to the middle as possible. For maximum quality, use a tape measure.


  • Create and add the designs for the plates before you add them to the belt.
  • It’s better to use Super Glue when gluing things on.
  • For designs, use spray paint and colored Sharpies.
  • Be careful when cutting and cut card neatly.


  • Make sure you sketch your designs first, or you could make some horrible mistakes!

Things You’ll Need

  • Super glue/staples
  • Leather belt or bigger strip of leather
  • Spray paint
  • Sharpies (1 black and other assorted colors)
  • Card board box

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