How to Make a Movie With Friends

Want to make an amazing movie with your friends? Well we’re here to help!


  1. Get 1-6 friends.
  2. Get out your camera, webcam, anything that records.
  3. If you want, have some discs to burn the movie onto.
  4. Agree on a movie idea.
  5. Write a script or practice a scene numerous times until everyone knows what they have to do.
  6. Assign acts (e.g; Someones a princess, another a poor girl, etc).
  7. Get costumes (you could use wigs or change your clothes.
  8. If necessary, decorate the room to match the theme.
  9. Start practicing each scene.
  10. When you’re ready, start recording it.


    • Make sure everyone agrees on the plot.
    • Make sure the acts are assigned fairly (maybe have auditions).
    • Make sure you have something to record with.
    • If you have siblings coming in and out, ask them to please leave or invite them to join the movie.
    • Each time someone makes a mistake, re-record it.


  • If your siblings keep annoying you and coming in when you’re trying to rehearse/film tell your parents but don’t shout or they won’t listen
  • Some friends may be a bit embarrassed to act out some scenes
  • Some friends don’t like making movies at all. If they don’t why not let them be in charge of recording?

Things You’ll Need

  • Friends
  • Something to record with
  • Clothes
  • Wigs (possibly)
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