How to Make a Comedy Movie

Have you ever wanted to make a good, comedy movie? Don’t know where to start? Look no further.


1. Plan it out. It’s best to plan it out and think of the jokes that you can change some of the stuff in and out. But, for now just try to write a script and get the cast to help you make it up as you go on if you want.

2. Make good, realistic jokes. After a while all of your Superman jokes will get old.

3. Start to record with whatever you Have. Even a webcam works. Digital Cameras help a lot, because they are already in format and are a easy transfer to your computer.

4. Try to have music that fits with your scene, it wouldn’t make sense to have a sappy love song with a funny fight scene.

5. Use editor programs like Windows Movie Maker, Sony Vegas, etc. to remove extra scenes that you don’t need. But don’t delete them. If your video is a big success you’ll want to add bonus features such as deleted scenes, or how scenes were made.

6. Get a company to review your movie and hope it is a big success.

7. Finally save the movie and store it somewhere or put it on a DVD. You can now upload it to youtube, dailymotion, etc. OR you can watch it with friends.


  • Try to not add lots of profanity. People will have kids watching this.
  • Try to make it relate to your audience.
  • Try to not steal material off other movies or stand up comedians without their permission.
  • Have a plot and don’t be too random with stuff.
  • Try to have a good setting.
  • Use a variety of different props.This adds a real effect to a movie.


  • Try to not use copyrighted works this could get you sued by the company it was made by.
  • Don’t offend people with your jokes. (This includes racial jokes.)

Things You’ll Need

  • A film capturing device
  • A sense of humor
  • Paper for your comedy script
  • Money for movie making necessities



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