How to Get VIP Tickets

When you want to go to a concert, play, sporting event, etc. and want to obtain VIP tickets, you usually have to pay for them. Today, with the internet allowing easy access to tickets, videos and media it has changed the entertainment industry and allows fans to enjoy a more personal experience during performances. Here are some of the most popular and easiest way to obtain VIP Tickets, most of which involve purchasing them.


1. Go to the website of the venue you are looking to attend. Check both the performer’s website and that of the actual place they are performing. If you check the venue’s website they may have a VIP club that includes many perks. This can be the same at the performance hall or arena the performer is playing at.

2. Many performance halls, especially non-profit and community based arts centers will offer people who donate more than $1000 a VIP and you will receive benefits that can include premium reserved seating, before and after parties and opportunities to meet artists when they perform there.

3. Be a part of a street team and assist the performer(s) in marketing their event. Often they have access to the venue, and it is recommended that one stays professional when attending the event as a promoter.

4. Get to know the artist or someone who is playing a part in the production of the venue itself.


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