How to Get Free Movie Tickets

There are actually a number of ways you can get free movie tickets, and they’re all pretty simple. With some persistence and luck, you could be watching several movies for free per month!


  1. Sign up to be a test screener by contacting Nielsen NRG MovieView. You will get to see movies before they’re officially released!
  2. Sign up to attend film previews by contacting Film metro and/or Campus Circle.
  3. Be on the lookout for film promoters outside your local theater, where they try to sign people up to be movie screeners. They are the pushy people holding colorfulfliers who are trying to get your attention as you enter the theater, so don’t ignore them!
  4. Scan the arts and entertainment sections of your local newspapers, both daily and weekly, for ads regarding test screeners. This is where you’ll find news of “sneak previews” as well; you will have to pay for one movie, but you will get the sneak peek free.
  5. Listen to the radio; major stations often receive tickets to give away, especially for long-awaited blockbusters. Do not rely on this, however, as the likelihood is low.
  6. Become a film critic by writing for a small paper or website. Be aware that jobs in this area are often very competitive, and even in small communities you will need to have a degree in journalism or communications before most papers will even consider you. Contrary to popular opinion, becoming a paid critic is difficult work.
  7. Get a job at a movie theater. Once you are on the inside, sit back and enjoy! This is probably your best option for being able to see free movies on a regular basis. Just be aware that you are at work, not vacation.
  8. Contact the main offices of your local theaters. They have mystery shoppers/viewers who are allowed free movies in exchange for rating the quality of service, choice of movies, customer service, and, in some cases even the quality and selection of the snacks.
  9. Donate blood. United Blood services awards donor points for every donation. Four hundred points can be exchanged for a free movie ticket.
  10. Websites/Blogs|Websites/Blogs. Websites and blogs around the internet often post codes to free screening for movies. Look around and you will find one for your area. Here are some major ones to get you started:


  • Theaters in shopping malls are good places to find studio representatives looking for test screeners.
  • Nielsen NRG MovieView is not available in all areas. Please call the customer service number provided on the site before signing up to find out if you will be eligible.
  • Another way to get a free movie ticket in some countries/areas is to donate blood. After you acquire enough points, you can shop in their points store and select two free movie tickets.

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