How To Find Blond Heroes In Our Romance Novels?

As a matter of fact, blond characters are, in some cases, not only left out, but villainized. In Laura Black’s Scottish romances written during the 70s and early 80s, you could almost make a prediction just based on the characters’ hair color alone. Any man described as “blond” would inevitably turn out to be the villain.
However, these days, blondes seem to be making a comeback in Erotic eBooks. Some credit must go to the handsome Simon Baker, an Australian actor who plays Patrick Jane in the TV show “The Mentalist.” Patrick Jane is an astute observer and renowned psychologist. After a serial killer murdered his family, he offers his services to the police, hoping the day will come when he can assist in putting the serial killer behind bars.
Patrick Jane has an unusual type of attractiveness. He has buttery yellow hair, deep blue eyes, pleasant features, and a warm smile. He even has dimples. At 41, he has some slight wrinkles, but all in all, they serve to give his face more character. He has an athletic figure and usually dresses in smart three-piece suits. In certain scenes, there is a hint of the musculature that hides underneath. But it is Simon Baker’s face that commands special attention. However, it might be too rugged a face for the conventional hero of  Romance Novels … it’s pleasant enough, but not perfect — just an overall attractive aspect, with hinting at a subtle and elusive beauty.

His hair, however, completely fits the mold for a romantic hero – lush, slightly curly, and it’s always a just little bit messy. Not messy in an unkempt way, but messy in a way that would make a heroine want to smooth down a wayward lock and gaze into his blue eyes.
However, to focus on Simon Baker’s outward appearance is to do him very little justice. While I know very little about Simon Baker as a person, I had read an interview in which he appears to be a down-to-earth, amiable sort of person, though maybe a bit too boring to be the hero of Romance Books – unless he was the humble neighbor type. Patrick Jane – his TV persona – is quite a different story. He had undergone an unspeakable tragedy and is haunted by the murder of his wife and child. However, he conceals his wounds. He does not brood and he is not unstable or depressed. Rather, he is whimsical, sometimes sarcastic, often funny, often exasperating, and comically stubborn. He is a Sudoku junkie in his spare time. In short, he is an atypical hero, but yet a very compelling one. Outside of the norm in both appearance and persona, yet very appealing. Romance writers, please take note and give us some blond, complex heroes.

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