How to Become Closer to Distant Family Members

It is essential to be as close with your family members as you have always been. Although due to certain circumstances, family members are often left scattered, through this article we will present to you certain steps that will help you to get nearer to the members who are far away.


  1. Make the plan to get together in week or month or in two months or in six months or yearly.
  2. Organize to set social gathering or functions in the fixed date and invite all the members of the family.
  3. Get in touch to help all the family members in their happiness and sorrow. This involves a great sense of alertness, observation and seeing beyond what is being spoken. Develop a sense of intuition, and closeness that enables you to determine when things are going wrong.
  4. Share the ideas for the forthcoming events if there are any within the family members.
  5. Correspond with your family via e-mail, or create a group on Facebook or other social media just for family members to share information, photos, calendars.


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