How to Become an American Icon

There is no exact way to become an American Icon. Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, The Beatles, and all of the American Icons found there own way. This article will show you one of the many ways.


  1. You have to follow your dreams; never listen to the other people. Nobody else matters but you. Not your friends, your parents, your worst enemy, nobody, just you is all that matters. Americans LOVE selfishness, so this egocentric quality will get you far.
  2. Make the strives. Strives are like strides, except not as long and more difficult. Put yourself out there and do what you want to do. Whether it’s singing, writing poetry, or whatever. Just GET YOURSELF OUT THERE. Apply for a gig that you saw in the Newspaper, you never know who’s around, sing in public, do a street performance, PUT YOURSELF OUT THERE and GET NOTICED.
  3. Do alot to get yourself well known, and use the popularity that you gain to help the worlds natural causes, World hunger, Cancer, AIDs, whatever you can. Donate a portion of the money you earn to charity. Do things to help the world.
  4. Set trends and trademarks for yourself. Something that people can look at and say, “Hey that is what He/She wears, Hey thats what He/She does.” wear things or do something that will be known as your trademark. Think Michael Jackson and the white glove. Something that you will be know for.
  5. Be original and always be humble and greatful. Be inspiring and inspired. Tell the world of your inspirations, and do things that will inspire the young. Public service announcements, anything that will inspire the young minds of our world. You can always use your music or poetry or whatever you do to inspire. INSPIRE LOVE. The perfect thing to inspire is Love and Good.


  • Be patient. Don’t be sad if at your first performance you don’t get discovered. Keep doing things. Eventually you will get discovered. Try something like Amateur night at the Apollo Theatre in New York.
  • Remember to inspire. Make a legacy of yourself. Write your name in the Stone minds of the world. Do something that will make you a legend and a timeless Megastar. It took Michael Jackson 45 years it could take you 30, or 40, or even 20 or 10. But always know that your time WILL come. Just BE PATIENT.


  • Don’t use this article as an example of how to write or speak English.

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