How to Be Good at Improvisation

Have you ever wanted to be good at improvisation? Well now you can!


  1. Often in improvisation you will be given a topic. Make sure that whatever your topic is you stay true to it and don’t stray!
  2. Don’t try to be too funny. Yes, some slightly amusing words will get a laugh, but don’t lose a good story by trying to be too funny!
  3. Act natural, talk, act and sit like a normal person would (Unless, of course your character requires you to act differently.
  4. Have fun, often improvement is quite scary.
  5. Don’t reject what the other actor beside you is saying. If they say, I’m the best soccer player ever! Then don’t cut them off and say, really? I thought you were a gymnast!


One key word for improvisation is “enjoy”.


Don’t try to be too funny.

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