How Does DealDash’s Discount Auctioning Work?


DealDash is the newest online competitor for Penny Auctions, and it’s low prices and bidding system lets customers win products at very low prices. How does this work?

Before you place bids on any item being auctioned, you need to have an account set up, and you need to place down $0.60 from a previously purchased bid pack. These bid packs help fund the DealDash purchase of the highly discounted item. If you don’t win anything, you can get your bid pack payment back.

All of Deal Dash‘s auctions begin at a price of $0.00. Bids from different individuals only raise it by one cent. Whenever a bid is placed on an item, a short countdown of 30 seconds starts, and any new bid resets the 30 second countdown. When it reaches zero, it automatically goes to the winner. Unlike eBay, bidding rounds are fast and complete within minutes, unlike the weeks you would otherwise have to wait for. Once you win a bid, the item is paid for and DealDash freely ships the product to you.

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