Best Reads for Your Spring Break Beach Escape

This article reviews several books that are ideal for a beach escape during spring break, including the latest good romance novels that you should be packing in your beach bag.

Good romance novels are great on a break or vacation.  In fact, many would argue that the most important item to pack when heading to the beach is a book, or a preloaded e-reader full of your favorite titles. Don’t forget the sunscreen though.

The best novels should have a fun story and be able to hold the readers attention from start to finish.  Here are a few terrific recommendations for your next break away, all of which are good romance novels in their own right:

First up is “Call me Irresistible”, which is a terrific romantic-comedy. The author, Susan Elizabeth Phillips, writes poignant fast paced stories full of good humor. The Washington Post stated “Call Me Irresistible is just a bit irresistible.” Phillips’s lead female character is strong, complicated and sassy and it’s enjoyable to follow her journey of discovery.

If mysterious and mystical is your thing, then “A Discovery of Witches” by Deborah Harkness could be the perfect choice for you. It is a fantastic story, full of intrigue, passion, history, and with a surreal undertone. A young student witch discovers a forgotten manuscript from within mystical alchemy circles, deep inside the Bodleian library in Oxford. This discovery sets off a chain of events within a fantasy underworld revealing more magic and suspense as we read on. Often funny, with layers of sexiness the story unfolds with a steady pace.

Nora Roberts is a number one New York Times bestseller with over 400 million copies of her books in print at the present time. “Jewels of the Sun”, the first in a trilogy set in Ireland is a fantastic read. Jude Murray decides to leave America, and takes refuge in a lovely Faerie Hill Cottage in the tiny village of Ardmore in Ireland. Engulfed by the surrounding beautiful scenery, Jude feels refreshed by the quiet, country life.

The leading man is Aidan Gallagher, and he returns from a trip away, back to the village to help the family business. He sees in Jude Murran, a woman who can heal his heart, and ignite his lost passion. They begin an adventure that centers on the local folklore. Eventually they start to create a passionate, lustful history themselves.

Good romance novels are hard to come by, but finally, we have “Caribbean Cruising” by Rachel Hawthorne, a nicely paced story with a young eighteen-year-old graduate named Lindsay Darnell. Lindsay leaves high school, looking for a summer of fun before she starts as a fresher at the University in Texas. Meanwhile, her mother, and her mother’s rich soon to be husband Walter, are off to get married aboard the lavish cruise shop ‘The Enchantment’, for their honeymoon. Her mother invites an excited Lindsay, who accepts, knowing she can reinvent herself, instead of being a shy, straight laced girl. She plans to let herself free, and to be wild and act crazy for once. Then Walter’s overprotective godson, Ryan, comes into the picture, cramping Lindsay’s style and plans. Lindsay has to decide to take Ryan all the way, or go it alone.


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